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Tips and recommendations

  • Fill out their client card with the client and make sure it doesn’t contain any discrepancies or factors that might prevent successful eyebrow lamination.
  • Let the client sit down comfortably.
  • Take a photo before and after lamination and share the result on social media while mentioning Lashes PRO 😊.
  • We recommend always using gloves due to medical and hygienic reasons.
  • Always massage packages with liquid before opening.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands/gloves.
  • DO NOT USE PLASTIC FOIL. Our product is professionally made so that it doesn’t require any other “help”.  Plastic foil creates warmth and speeds up the reaction, which increases the risk of burning or other damage to the hairs. Recommended length of application would not be applicable.

Preparation for

  • Cover the client’s hair with the Lashes PRO hair band and cover their upper body with a towel to protect their clothes.
  • Remove all make-up traces using water based makeup remover (do not use removers that contain oil) and clean cotton swabs.
  • Clean the eyebrow  and the eye area using the Lashes PRO cleaning foam.
  • Brush the eyebrows using a Y-shaped brush or a Lashes PRO eyelash brush. Put the brush aside for future use.
  • If necessary (that is, if the client’s eyebrows are very hard and uncontrollable) brush the hairs and use soft brushes to apply a thin layer of the Lashes PRO glue for lash lifting and eyebrow lamination or use the Lashes PRO Glue balm.
  • Map the quality of the hairs and decide about the timing depending on their strength in various parts of the eyebrow. For example, the hairs on the sides might be finer, so keep the lifting cream (step 1) on for a shorter period of time than on the hairs in the middle.

In the middle of the eyebrows, where the hairs are of normal quality, you can leave the lifting cream (step 1) on for 5-6 minutes. If the client has finer hairs on the sides of the eyebrows, the lifting cream (step 1) will only need to be applied for 3-4 minutes. Start applying the product from the middle of the brows and then apply to the sides after approximately two minutes.

Liquids application

Step 1 - Lifting cream

  1. Prepare a timer and keep it ready.
  2. Use a microbrush or a brush to apply a small amount of the Lashes PRO lifting cream from the roots to ¾ of the eyebrow height. Apply the cream in the direction of hair growth and make sure to reach the deeper layers of hairs.
  3. Start the timer immediately after applying the liquid.
  4. Brush the eyebrows with the lifting cream on to get the product all the way to the roots in the middle of the time limit. This also allows you to check how the hairs softened and now controllable they are.
  5. Mind that BRUSHING SHOULD BE MINIMAL. Do not brush the skin to avoid scratching.
  6. Length of application:
    Very fine eyebrows: 3-4 minutes.
    Fine dyed eyebrows: 4-5 minutes.
    Natural and healthy eyebrows: 5-6 minutes 
    Coarse and healthy eyebrows: 6-7 minutes.
  7. Check the eyebrows in regular intervals during the procedure. Listed time is only illustrative and it’s necessary to individually evaluate how the lashes react to the product. Temperature in the room has a major influence on the length of the procedure. Cold can lengthen the time needed, while warmth can significantly shorten it.
  8. As soon as the eyebrows soften, which can take less or more time than described above, remove the cream using a clean cotton swab. Throw the used swab into a bin.
  9. If one last hair won’t soften, don’t endanger the entire eyebrow with longer application time. If a majority of hairs has softened, remove the lifting cream and immediately apply the neutralizing milk (step 2), which stops the cream reaction. Mind that the effect of the cream isn’t stopped by removing it using a cotton swab.
  10. If you applied the lifting cream to the entire eyebrow at the same time, it is possible that the hairs on the sides have already softened but the hairs in the middle have not yet. In this case, remove the cream from the sides and apply the neutralizing milk, but keep the lifting cream active in the middle of the brow.

Step 2 - Neutralizing milk

  1. As soon as the hairs have softened, remove the lifting cream using a dry cotton swab and immediately apply the Lashes PRO neutralizing milk to the entire eyebrow. NO WATER is used between steps 1 and 2.
  2. Length of application:
    Very fine, fine and dyed eyebrows: 5 minutes.
    Natural and healthy eyebrows: 6 minutes.
  3. Use a wet cotton swab to remove the neutralizing milk from the eyebrows (the chemical process is already over). Make sure that the hairs stay glued. Make sure to avoid getting the eyebrow too wet, which would interrupt the hydrating serum reaction (step 3) that takes another 24-48 hours.
  4. Brush the eyebrows with care.
  5. Now it’s time for ELECTIVE DYEING AND WAXING Prepare the dye of choice and apply according to the manual using a brush. Then wax the eyebrows.

Step 3 - Hydrating serum

  1. Using an applicator, apply the Lasher PRO hydrating serum to the eyebrows and keep it on for 24-48 hours. The client must keep their eyebrows dry during this time.
  2. Take a photo after the lamination and share it on social media while mentioning Lashes PRO.
  3. Explain to the client how to take care of their eyebrows now and give them a printed care manual to take home together with brushes.


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