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6 simple tips on how to safely remove false eyelashes at home

19.02.21 29050x read


 Are eyelash stylist salons closed or have you not had a chance to visit your favorite for more than a month? Your thinning eyelashes probably give it away from miles away. While most of the algae fans left their habitats a few days ago, the last few are adamantly holding on to their place with all their might. I will advise you on how to remove them safely and on your own. It will only take you a few minutes to read - so go for it!


Perhaps, while sadly looking in the mirror at the rest of the crumpled bunches of once perfect and full eyelashes, you sing the well-known hit by the band Olympic: "You're fading away somehow, my love!" and you think it's all "a little funny, a little crying".  You've made up your mind - this way the eyelashes don't look nice at all anymore and it's time to remove the last stubborn bits at home. You don't have to be sad about it. For the time being, you will fill the empty space in the heart and on the eyelids with mascara, eyeliner and carefully wait for the opportunity to add volume to your lashes again from a professional.

Is home removal safe?

You probably don't want to hear it, but of course the right thing to do would be to go to a professional eyelash stylist for removal, or even better – to supplement your false eyelashes, so that you don't damage not only your natural eyelashes, but also irritate your eyes by careless actions.

Natural eyelashes fall out naturally at a frequency of about 1-5 pieces per day. So, sooner or later, all false eyelashes, if you don't go for a refill, will disappear. But it usually seems that after a few weeks, there are still a few persistent pieces left in place that are not going to let go at all. And let's face it, they won't make a big show like this anymore.

I will advise you on several ways to get rid of eyelashes safely, how to proceed and what to watch out for. And most importantly – what not to do.


Not like this

takhle ne

Never try to remove and tear off your eyelashes by force, either with your fingers or tweezers, or even cut them with scissors! Don't forget that you're dealing with glue thicker than superglue. Not only could you hurt yourself and lose your natural eyelashes (which can then grow back for several months) in the process, it would also not be pleasant at all.

No coarse rubbing of the eye, whether with fingers, a towel or a handkerchief. Realistically, you will not help yourself much from eyelashes, but you will almost certainly irritate your eye and surroundings unpleasantly. In the worst case, you will even get an unpleasant infection in your eye and you will have to go to an eye doctor. So remember – hands off!

An eyelash glue remover, = Remover, which can be purchased at the drugstore, may seem like an easy first aid in case you want to get rid of false eyelashes. But be careful! It is a liquid that can intensely dissolve super-strong glue, so you must be aware that you should be extremely careful when handling something like this and avoid contact with your eyes at all times. And that's quite a challenge when you want to get rid of false eyelashes. Choose glue remover as a last resort, if nothing else works and only if you already have personal experience with similar removal.

Otherwise, be patient, don't risk your health, and in the following lines I will tell you how to remove eyelash extensions in a gentle and safe way.


This is YES

A hot shower, lots of steam and a stream of strong water can take away more than just stress. Even so, it is not enough to finally release the last few "holders" that do not want to leave you.

A little tip: If you have the opportunity to visit the sauna, be sure to do so. The hot steam helps to loosen the glue and the algae residue then comes off almost on its own.

Reach for an oil-based make-up remover. Eyelash glue doesn't exactly make friends with oil molecules. Use a cotton pad with make-up remover to gently massage the eyelashes at the point where the artificial ones connect to the natural ones. Keep in mind that the product you choose must be suitable for removing make-up around the eyes. You probably won't get rid of all the residual algae on the first try, but be patient and repeat the process on the second and third day. Each time you remove your makeup, you will be a few lashes lighter and within five days, or a week at the latest, they will all be gone.

Castor oil in action!

You may have this little helper at home for its beneficial effects on the condition of your skin, hair, as well as eyelashes and eyebrows. Gently massage a drop of castor oil into your lashes with a cotton swab or brush and leave it on overnight. In the morning, you will find eyelashes on your pillow.

However, be careful not to get the oil in your eye. Don't worry, it won't do much damage, but it's not pleasant. If this happens, rinse the eye carefully with a stream of clean water. Remember that it is best to "attack" with a damp cotton swab exactly where you can see the junction of the eyelash fan and the natural eyelashes. If a few lashes last the first night, they should all be gone by the second.


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As you can see, there is nothing complicated about it. I believe the article has helped you and everything will go like clockwork. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the next topic and I'll be very happy if you write to me on Facebook or Instagram how you liked the article.



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